THOMAS HARSEM is a German music producer based in Uppsala, Sweden. Offering a full range of services from songwriting to recording, mixing and mastering — Thomas is dedicated to every step of contemporary music production.

He started out in 2003 as part of the Hahn&Hahn production duo in Stuttgart, Germany. Since then Thomas has been working with numerous independent artists as well as major label acts from Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland (Still Parade, Intergalactic Lovers, Jonathan Johansson, Schmutzki, Immanu El, Seed To Tree).

With access to a broad selection of recording studios throughout Europe, session work can take place anywhere according to specific location and budget needs. Thomas’ studio is located in central Uppsala.

Thomas gained attention with the Belgian band INTERGALACTIC LOVERS — producing and co-writing their highly acclaimed debut album «Greetings & Salutations» (EMI, 2011) as well as the sophomore release «Little Heavy Burdens» (Warner Music, 2014). Both albums reached gold status in Belgium.

JONATHAN JOHANSSON & JOHAN ECKEBORN’s album «Ett språk för dom dömda» (Sony Music, 2013) has been very well received in the nordic countries. The music was originally written as score to a theatre play based on Bram Stoker’s «Dracula», Thomas engineered and mixed the album.

His work with Berlin-based artist STILL PARADE resulted in the «Fields» EP (Serve&Volley, 2014). Its haunting single «Actors» was STILL PARADE’s first release and is counting over 3 million plays on Spotify.

Most recently Thomas has been working with PHELA, ADMIRAL FREEBEE, MRS GREENBIRD , SEED TO TREE, IMMANU EL and RAIN ON MONDAY.
Thomas Harsem @ ICP Studios, Bruxelles

Thomas Harsem at ICP Studios, Brussels