THOMAS HARSEM is a platinum awarded music producer, songwriter and mastering engineer based in Uppsala/Stockholm, Sweden.

Offering a full range of services from writing to recording, mixing and mastering – Thomas is dedicated to every step of contemporary music production. Since starting out in the early 2000s Thomas has been working with numerous artists from Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Russia.

Most recently Thomas has been working with a wide variety of artists such as NONA, ADMIRAL FREEBEE, ULRIK MUNTHER, RACOON, RUBEN HEIN, RAIN ON MONDAY, SEED TO TREE, HAAS and ALLY.

2021 — RACOON's album "Spijt Is Iets Voor Later" reaches gold status in the Netherlands only a few days after release. (Mastered by Thomas Harsem)

2020 — MARES' single "Sunnanvind" is nominated for a Swedish Grammy in the category Song of the Year. (Mastered by Thomas Harsem)

2019 — Launch of INTERVAL MASTERING, Thomas' audio mastering service. Interval's clientele includes ADMIRAL FREEBEE (BE), MARES (SE), RACOON (NL), ULRIK MUNTHER (SE), PAUCKER (DE) amongst others.

2019 — ROMPASSO’s single „Ignis“ reaches double platinum status in Russia and CIS. (Co-written by Thomas Harsem)

2019 — MARES’ album ”Sunnanvind” reaching No. 1 on the Swedish album charts. (Mastered by Thomas Harsem)

2018 — co-writes with GOING DEEPER, ROMPASSO and TIM3BOMB are charting in Russia.

2017 — co-written the song ”Don’t Give Up” on South Korean TWICE’s album “twicetagram“, peaking on No. 1 of the Billboard World Albums charts.

2017 — Launch of STACCATO SUNSET, Thomas’ publishing partnership with PEERMUSIC GERMANY.

2015 — Victoria's Secret picked STILL PARADE’s song 'Actors' for their Christmas TV spot. (Co-produced and mixed by Thomas Harsem)

2014 — INTERGALACTIC LOVERS’ album ”Little Heavy Burdens” reaching gold status in Belgium. (Produced and mixed by Thomas Harsem)

2012 — INTERGALACTIC LOVERS’ album ”Greetings & Salutations” reaching gold status in Belgium. (Produced and partly mixed by Thomas Harsem)
Thomas Harsem @ ICP Studios, Bruxelles

Thomas Harsem at ICP Studios, Brussels